Who We Are

Effective freelancers have been in demand for about 700 years, since the days of the condottiere.

In the 14th, 15th and 16th centuries, condottiere described the elite soldiers of Italy, and fought on behalf of any ruler who could provide a worthy battle. When this concept travelled to England, these individuals received a new name: “free-lances”.

Armed with a long spear (a lance), they freely roamed from assignment to assignment.

Stuart Foxman

As a modern-day freelancer, based in Toronto, I have something sharp too. Writing that creates a forceful impact every time.

I offer that as a trusted resource to corporations, public sector organizations, not-for-profit organizations and associations of all types of sizes. These are local, national and international leaders in health care, finance, education, retail, energy, transportation, professional regulation and more. Several top PR, advertising, design, branding and direct marketing firms have also relied on my writing talents to help them serve their clients.

Over the years, I’ve worked with clients who are headquartered all over Canada, as well as with some based in the U.S.

In addition to my corporate communications work, I’ve published hundreds of articles in publications ranging from Reader’s Digest to Strategy to the Globe & Mail.

Before setting up my own shop, my career started on the creative team of an Ottawa PR firm, shaping marketing material and reports for federal government clients.

Beyond my day-to-day work, I co-authored the book Time of Their Lives: The Dionne Tragedy, a look at the early years of the Dionne Quintuplets and the fight for their custody. The book was adapted into an award-winning CBC/CBS mini-series called Million Dollar Babies.

On my shelf I count 27 volumes about language: dictionaries, style guides, collections of speeches and quotations, and books on euphemisms, slang, etymology, idioms, punctuation, clichés and aphorisms. Which means that I’m never at a loss for words.