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“Stuart is incredibly reliable, has an eye for detail and always captures the message we want to convey. Anything he does will be well-researched, perfectly written and insightful.” 


Recent blog posts

Why Place Names Have No Place in Diseases

Why Place Names Have No Place in Diseases

A few months ago, Roger Helmer, a former British member of the European Parliament, went on Twitter to complain about the use of the term “U.K. variant”. Stop referring the new coronavirus variant as originating in the U.K., Helmer tweeted. “It was first identified in...

Don’t Forget Your PIN Number at the ATM Machine

Don’t Forget Your PIN Number at the ATM Machine

Some acronyms are so familiar that we can forget what they stand for. That can be a problem, if you dislike redundancy in communication. Consider two recent news items, each involving hard-to-get cash. One described a California man who received a stimulus payment on...

Grab Some Popcorn and Start Coping

Grab Some Popcorn and Start Coping

We can’t go to the movies now, but we’re watching (and re-watching) them more than ever. While global box office revenues fell by more than $30 billion in 2020, industry figures show that subscriptions to video streaming services hit 1.1 billion, up 26%. During the...

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