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Foxman Communications produces dynamic writing that helps your products, services, ideas and organization to come alive.

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“Wonderful to work with. An engaging writing style, and meets tight deadlines with minimal direction. We are delighted with the results.” 

BMO Financial Group

“A master at distilling complex information into an interesting and succinct package tailored to any audience. Stuart is a quick study at understanding your issues.” 

Red Cross

“Stuart is incredibly reliable, has an eye for detail and always captures the message we want to convey. Anything he does will be well-researched, perfectly written and insightful.” 


Recent blog posts

If You’re Hungry for News, You Can Have More Than Seconds

Many of the publications I read have never existed anywhere but online. They can be terrific. Others have a physical equivalent. And still others used to be available in paper but are now exclusively digital. How does the way we consume media affect our reading...

Why You Shouldn’t (Just) be Nice

November 13 is World Kindness Day. The annual event was launched in 1998 by a coalition of NGOs, and is observed in more than 25 countries, including Canada. The goal is to celebrate good deeds by individuals or organizations. There are websites devoted to...

Now I Know my ABCs

If I asked you to memorize a set of 26 items, you’d probably find it quite a challenge. And if you had to repeat them all in a specific order, with zero errors, it would be even more difficult. Yet children master that skill when they’re just a few years old. It’s...

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