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“Wonderful to work with. An engaging writing style, and meets tight deadlines with minimal direction. We are delighted with the results.” 

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“Stuart is incredibly reliable, has an eye for detail and always captures the message we want to convey. Anything he does will be well-researched, perfectly written and insightful.” 


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Protesting is an art form

Protesting is an art form

On March 10, 1914, Mary Richardson entered Room 17 of the National Gallery in London and pulled a meat cleaver from her sleeve. Richardson grew up in Belleville, Ontario. In England, she was an art student and a journalist, and an active campaigner for women’s voting...

Mistrust in media has turned us from skeptics to cynics

Mistrust in media has turned us from skeptics to cynics

When we talk about posts going viral, the term is accurate – especially when it comes to misinformation. A study from USC found that just 15% of the most habitual “news” sharers on Facebook are superspreaders. They’re responsible for disseminating 30%-40% of the fake...

Why we’re all conspiracy theorists

Why we’re all conspiracy theorists

The street I live on has a chat group, which I usually avoid. But last year I was alerted to one exchange. Someone was moving in from another province, and asked about the quality of the tap water here, i.e. whether she should use a filter. Which prompted one of my...

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