What We Do

Will your message sink, just float or power on?

To be effective on any platform, communications should be “C” worthy.


Define the purpose and make it easy to understand. Don’t make people read between the lines to get the message.


Stick to the point and keep it brief. Like this.


Create word pictures that make people feel.


Make sure that your message is logical and flows, in tone and content, with all the points connected and relevant to the main topic.


Anticipate and answer the audience’s questions.


Put your audience’s needs first – that means address their interests and use the voice that makes most sense for them.

The purpose of expression is to leave an impression. How do I do that? With powerful writing that supports my clients’ strategic communications and marketing goals. The result is content that connects with audiences.

Core messaging/branding

 Build a strong identity by making your messages pop:

  • web content development and re-freshing
  • corporate profiles
  • program and service guides
  • marketing collateral


Whether you’re talking to customers, your own employees, members of the broader public or other stakeholders, engage them with storylines that matter:

  • articles for e-publications and print publications
  • advertorials
  • case studies
  • infographics
  • blogs


Offer real insight with deeper dives:

  • annual reports
  • discussion papers
  • strategic and business plans
  • briefings

Speeches and scripting

Inspire an audience with persuasive and evocative narratives:

  • keynote speeches
  • presentations
  • lectures
  • copy for videos

PR and media

Reach your audiences so that they can learn, get involved and act:

  • news releases
  • backgrounders
  • social media

Copy editing

Make your messages stand out even more, with edits to:

  • tighten text
  • punch up the copy
  • ensure consistency

Every job includes as many sets of revisions as are needed to satisfy you. As needed, I can work to connect you to my network of graphic designers, media relations experts, and other suppliers.