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From Understanding Your Pay
Canadian Payroll Association, CD-ROM and brochure for payroll professionals

What do you have to show for your work? If you're in a particularly thoughtful mood, you might point to things like a concrete result, satisfied customers, or a sense of achievement from a job well done. All are great sentiments, but at the most fundamental level, all employees in the workplace have the same thing to show for their labour — their paycheque.

The numbers on it may vary depending on what you do, but getting paid for your efforts is the foundation of work.

The rules and regulations around pay are as old as recorded history. Clay tablets used by the Babylonians, circa 2600 BC, recorded labourers' hours and wages. The word "salary" originated around 200 BC, from the Latin salarium, meaning "salt-money." Why? Roman soldiers were paid their allowance in salt, a valuable seasoning and preservative. Even now, saying that individuals are "worth their salt" means they have earned their pay.

Today, the world of work is more complex than ever. So are many of the issues around your pay. We at The Canadian Payroll Association want to simplify things for you. We are the group that represents the payroll profession in Canada — the people responsible for most of the paycheques in this country. One of our highest priorities is education, whether for our members or the public. Which is why we have created this CD-ROM, called Understanding Your Pay.

In it, we explore dozens of topics related to the paycheque and Employment Standards. Things like base pay and bonuses, taxes and deductions, hours and time off, pension and benefits, and much, much more. All of the common topics that employees might have questions about. It's knowledge that you and they can take right to the bank.

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