Sharp Copy, Forceful Impact

Effective freelancers have been in demand for more than 600 years, since the days of the condottiere.

In the 14th, 15th, and 16th centuries, condottiere described the elite soldiers who traveled across Italy, and fought on behalf of any ruler who could provide a worthy battle. When this concept made its way from Italy to England, the British gave the soldiers a new name: "free-lances." Armed with a long spear - a lance - these soldiers freely roamed from assignment to assignment.

Today, "freelancer" simply refers to writers and others who offer their skills and services to multiple clients. But Foxman Communications will still fight gamely to meet your communications needs. No lances here, but something just as pointed - sharp copy, which creates a forceful impact every time.

  • Articles: Features, profiles and news stories for employee and corporate publications (print and online); consumer/trade magazines; and media distribution.
  • Brochures: Corporate profiles, program and service guides, and event promotion.
  • Reports: Annual reports, discussion papers, strategic plans, briefings, and task force reports.
  • Speeches: Remarks for executives, senior managers and elected officials.
  • Media kits: News releases, fact sheets, and backgrounders.
  • Manuals: Policies and procedures.
  • Scripts: Text for videos.
  • Websites: Content development for the Internet and Intranet.
  • Copy editing: Edits for consistency, length and to "punch up" the copy.

In approaching any project, Foxman Communications remains attuned and flexible to the client's needs, and reliably manages the assignment until the client is completely satisfied. Meeting deadlines is a given. What really matters is meeting the client's expectations. Quickly. Economically. Effectively.