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From Our Children, Our Schools
Toronto District School Board, environmental scan

Angelo Patri, a noted school principal, has written several books and a syndicated column on child behaviour. One day, the story goes, he looked out of his window and saw three children walking on a wet cement sidewalk. He became angry, and was going to chase them off, when his wife reminded him that he loved children. He replied that he loved them in the abstract, but not in the concrete.

In theory, everyone understands the importance of giving our children the intellectual, emotional and social support that they need to grow and thrive. Our staff are the people who do that in practice.

The TDSB includes 33,000 permanent staff, and another 8,000 temporary or casual staff. From our teachers to our administration to our support staff, all are united by a mission to help our students acquire the knowledge, skills and values to become responsible members of society. Each member of our staff is focused on providing a solid learning foundation for our children - not in the abstract, but in the concrete.

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Writing Samples